School of Fish

The Most Awarded Pre-School Curriculum for Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking

Yet, the sector makes it worse…

Reactive in Nature

The reactive approach in the education sector often exacerbates the issue. Instead of fostering a proactive learning environment, this method waits for problems to occur before addressing them. This reactionary stance can delay the learning process and discourage students from taking initiative in their education journey.

Memorisation Driven Education

Furthermore, the heavy reliance on memorisation-driven learning techniques overlooks the importance of understanding and critical thinking. While memorising facts might help students pass exams, it does little in terms of equipping them with the skills needed for real-life situations or for future learning.

Lack of Focus on Early Education

Early childhood is a crucial period for cognitive, social, and emotional development. Yet, many education systems fail to invest adequately in this stage, potentially setting children up for challenges later in their educational journeys. The absence of well-structured early education programmes may inhibit a child's ability to learn and grow effectively.

Everything we teach our children, every day, is being re-defined by technology

It is the defining challenge of education we face and our children are among the biggest financial investments of a lifetime and 70% of parents intend to maintain or increase the amount of income allocated to their children’s expenses.